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The organic lifestyle from plant to plate

Sustainable permaculture and biodiversity

Located in the Colmurano valley, one of the most spectacular agricultural regions in Italy, most of our activity takes place on the grounds of the farm.

That is, until we get to forraging time, and this takes us out into the fields, hedgerows, ditches and various pathways that twist and turn their way from the farm for miles around.

If it's truffle, wild asparagus, berries, fruits, nuts or anything else we find along the way that's edible, it all contributes to the sustainable permaculture and plant to plate approach we like to promote here. Whatever the find or catch of the day is, there's nothing like returning home and cooking up a hearthy al fresco meal on the open fire over a glass of local wine or artisan beer. Salute!




Everybody grows vines and produces house wine here. Our small vineyard is planted to Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot, Ribona and Lacrima, keeping alive the traditon of making wine at the farm, which goes back 350 years.

Olive oil 

We produce 3 types of high quality olive oil on the farm from 3 different groves. Discover everything about this incredible product and its nutritional health properties, either before lunch or dinner.

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The truffles of Le Marche are regarded as some of the best in Italy and are appreciated throughout the world by the finest chefs. Our truffle grove is young but our truffle hunters know the region and where to find them.

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Pecorino cheese is world famous and we are blessed to have flocks of sheep pass through our land all year round on their way to making this gastronomic delight. Our 2 local producers deliver fresh cheese to the door.


We only support local farmers and butchers within a 5 km radius of our farm. Sandro, our nearest cattle farmer is 100% organic and when visiting the farm it shows. All animals, graze freerange and enjoy a quality life.




The ovens are always on the go here, from homemade breads and cakes, private and communal cooking, to our legendary walnut tart, made with freshly harvested walnuts from the grove.


Where would we be without the bees. There are beehives located in nearby fields around the farm and we work with an artisan honey maker to promote his activity and use his pure organic honey.




Foraging is a great activity here. From asparagus, wild fruit and nuts, hedgerow herbs, we are always making new discoveries as we ramble through the fields and valleys from our house and back.

Private plant to plate catering is our speciality

and it all starts here at the kitchen table


We are more than happy to share our experiences with all our guests.

If you are interested in taking part in any of the above activites during your stay here, let us know. We will organise everything with backstage passes to all stages of production.

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