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Pecorino cheese is without doubt one of the fine cheeses of Le Marche. Although we are not cheese producers ourselves, we are blessed with up to 3 flocks of 250 sheep, that regulary graze our fields, fertilizing the land as they go along, providing us with valuable manure which we use to feed the olive trees, vineyard and veg plots etc and then finally, when the shepherd delivers us lovely forms of the freshest Pecorino cheese around.


What an experience to be able to follow the full cicle from land and animal to fine fresh cheese. Le marche is classed in the top 5 chesse producing regions of Italy, and it shows in the produce. There are many producers here in our region, and 2 within a 4km zone of our farm, who deliver fresh cheese to the house every 2 days. if tis fresh pecorino cheese you are looking to experience, with lovely runny honey, then this is where you need to be.


Traditionally, pecorino cheese from Le Marche is obtained solely from pure sheep's milk, usually from small sheep farms located at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, This strong flavoured but sweet tasting pecorino cheese, is usually ready after an aging period of around 4 months. However, young pecorino, matured for 7 days is lovely to eat with fresh hone and roasted walnuts, a delicacy here in Le Marche. It is also a perfect cheese to be enjoyed in combination with jams or jellies, or together with cold meats and white wines from the region such as Ribona, colle maceratesi, and of course pecorino the wine!

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In recent years however, the presence of shepherds in these mountain areas has significantly diminished. they were the ones who began making a local sheep’s cheese (pecorino) from raw milk many generations ago. According to tradition, the curd was semi-cooked and the cheeses were aged naturally, turned every two or three days to encourage the formation of the rind. These cheeses could be eaten after just a couple of months, though they were best when aged at least 100 days. With demand for these cheese now very high, it is essential we continue to support the small shepherd and their traditional methods.

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