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All living species on this planet are born with great harmony and know how to share harmony to others. The 1 exception being man. It is man alone who enters this world with no knowledge of harmony 

Our wines and philosophy are inspired by nature and the teachings of the Native American plains peoples who walked this earth before us. As we also follow this path, we fully commit to producing high quality natural wines from the old abandoned vineyards that we find, some of which are over 70 years old. We hand pick all our grapes, get to know our plants and use minimum intervention practises on the soil and in the vineyard at all times. Above all, we listen to nature, what it tells us, and operate a ZERO policy on the use of harmful chemicals. All our wines are fermented and aged for 12 months in used french oak barrels with zero human interference once barrelled. We make wine with tradition and nature leading the way, when wine was left alone to become wine. Natural does the talking, we listen.  


Born and raised in Cork city, Ireland, and possibly the only Cork born winemaker out there today, I have always looked back on Ireland for inspiration on my journey of discovery and adventure. You can take me out of Ireland, but you cant take Ireland out of me. My wines are a reflection of times past in Italy, growing up as a child, using landmarks that continue to inspire, remind me of home, encourage me to push for a greener future, and keep memories I hold close to my heart alive. There's a story behind every label and a natural wine journey inside every bottle.

perspective wine label.png


The label for Perspective is inspired by a statue of Annie Moore with her Brothers Anthony and Philip, before their departure from Cobh to Ellis Island in December 1891. Like Annie, and many more of my fellow countryfolk, who departed before and after, the journey making this wine was also full of perspective, uncertainty, stormy seas, nerves and excitement of what might lay ahead on the wine voyage. 



As a teenager growing up in Cork, my first "real" job was selling Echoes on the grand parade. Echo boys were the main delivery mechanism for news in those days and we were a breed apart from most, shouting and singing our way through the streets. This wine, made with 20% carbonic fermentation, is dedicated to them, lost to Cork but not forgotten, this wine will always bring Echoes of the past.

"Echo, get yer Evening Echo"



This label is inspired by Shandon church, located on the Northside of Cork city seen for miles around. With its 4 big clocks, it is known locally as the "4 faced liar" as it never told the right time, most of the time. The structure is etched into my memory as it gave us the perfect excuse for staying out late and pushing the boundaries to the limits. These old Sangiovese vines have also been pushed to the limits, but with gentle care and respect, they still produce a great wine.

Tasting notes on the '21 wine from Pascal Rossignol, Director lecavau wine merchants Ireland

Graham, we couldn't wait, so we cracked 1 bottle open;

If that's your first release, you can be very proud! The wine has a lovely appearance, the nose a lovely mix of old oak, stone fruit and ripe black fruit is very enticing, the same flavours are found in the palate, which is richly textured and velvety, lovely brightness and freshness is there to balance the rich flavours and texture so there is a beautiful drinkability to it. Overall, a wine that is nicely balanced, and that will be right up the street of most wine lovers. 

To think the wine is made naturally and show such a sure-footed attitude, straight and clean, is really amazing, 

Well done Graham, having tried so many first or second releases from natural wine producers over the years, I didn't know what to expect, but this Le Marche wine is solid, and really enjoyable.

Well done, honestly!


In fact, it matters a lot, especially in todays wine world, where almost everything we consume, be it food or drink is mass produced on an industrial level. Furthermore, with conventional farming methods depleting our soil to such an extent that there is no more nutrition left in the soil, leaving the food and wine we consume holding little or no nutritional value.


We practise Organic, biodynamic and Natural farming purely for this reason, to grow healthy crops and produce nutrient rich food and wine, which in turn, fuel a healthy body and healthy living.


Natural wine, is exactly that, natural, free of harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives and all the other rubbish that is pumped into conventional wine.

At our farm, we spend a full year crafting and nurturing our wine and food along, from pruning in winter-spring, minimum intervention on the soil, cover crops and companion plants to promote healthy growth, zero harmful sprays or chemicals which destroy the surrounding fauna, to handpicking the grapes only when nauture says its time, right though to vigorous hand sorting of the fruit, gentle pressing of the grapes and finally putting the juice to bed to ferment in old oak barrels.


The result after 12 months of aging, is a wine that is alive, vibrant, fresh, full of interesting natural flavours and above all, pure, clean and clear of nasty chemicals of all sorts that should never be in a wine in the first place.

10 years working in the conventional wine industry made that decision easy. There was a time, when there was credibility in wine, but the more we ventured down the conventional wine route, the more we discovered everything that is wrong with the wine market today. Heavy marketing and branding, corporate consolidation of the entire wine industry and mass produced wine with little or no nutritional value, and made purely for profit. Was this something we wanted to be part of, NO.


The final roll of the dice came when I was rushed to hospital with severe medical problems, mostly related to drinking conventional-industrial wine. Perforated esophagus, throat tissue severely burnt, with accute abdominal problems including excessive build up of stomch acid. Incredibly, a question the surgeon asked me was “did I drink wine”? Yes, said I, “Well then stop” said he, “because its going to kill you” enough said.


We are now several years down the road of making natural wine, We now only make and drink natural wine, and the differences in our health and consumption of wine cannot be more profound. No reaccuring health issues, zero acid build up, no more esophagus and throat problems, vastly improved eating and sleeping patterns, and no more headaches or hangovers, which makes life full of fun, lunch and dinner parties much more enjoyable, and the next day free of hangovers and pain !! heaven.


So if you are into wine and love drinking a glass or bottle here and there, then get into Natural wine, because yes, Natural wine matters, in so many beneficial ways



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