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Hi. Saranne and Graham here.


We live here with our two daughters who go to school just across the valley. We moved here to take advantage of the beautiful peace and quiet that both this house and the surrounding area offers and to provide our children with a safe and yet also challenging place to grow up.


That's not to say it isn't hard work - it is a farmhouse after all! We spend most of our time tending to the land, the olive grove, vineyard, and the various veg plots that produces great organic food. (When Graham's not busy making olive oil, wine, foraging or growing all sorts of everything, he works as a private chef and his other great passion in life, a wine tour guide, providing catering to the tourism trade and holiday homeowners in the area. Saranne's career is divided between a love of theatre, writing, teaching and being a full-time mum.) Our organic farm needs constant care and attention throughout the year but its all worth it, especially as it promotes a natural way of living.

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A house with history


The house dates back over 350 years and was originally a grain mill. “Cotto wine” - a delicious sweet wine of the region - was also made here. It’s a beautiful home with great character and many fascinating stories to tell. David Mari (the previous owner of the house) still tends his vineyards, olive groves and “orto" (veggie patch) on the adjoining land and is there almost every day if you want to find out more. His family lived in this house since it was built in the 1800s and along with a local historian, can bring the history of the house to life with stories of his childhood and his ancestors.

After many years of renovation, our home is warm, comfortable and eco friendly and retains the spirit of the original house and owners. The house is made up of three different buildings which have been restored by an amazing team of local builders and a fantastic geometra. We have recreated and maintained the original spirit of the house and as a result, it gives a feeling of stepping back in time.


There is also plenty of history in the garden and surrounding land. Originally planted to grain, it is now an established olive and walnut grove which are tended naturally - left to grow as free and organically as possible. As well as the olives, the vineyard, truffle grove and vegetables and herbs are all happy and healthy here.


Our natural swimming pool, quiet reading areas, cooking facilities and private eating spaces all enhance the garden meaning every moment of the day can be enjoyed al fresco. Native birds, butterflies, lizards, crickets, hares and sheep are always here. Also wild boar, porcupines, deer and birds of prey are a really special sight.


Fantastic views can be seen in all directions – the hilltop towns of Colmurano and Macerata and the Monti Sibillini. The scenery is typical of this spectacular region and it is surely the most romantic place to see the full moon float across the horizon.

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We love everything that Le Marche and its people represent: the Marchigiani are hard-working yet have a relaxed approach to life, a deep-rooted sense of tradition and a strong community spirit. Above all, they are a warm and friendly people who love to share their stories, over a glass or two of local wine.


The rolling hills of Le Marche are punctuated by beautiful rivers, valleys, dramatic mountain ranges and over 150 km of coastline. Sublimely tranquil, the historical hilltop towns and stunning cities of this area are awe-inspiring.


For those, like us, interested in art, music, street festivals, history and culture, the churches, museums, galleries, theatres, shrines and roman ruins in this area are plentiful. It is a meticulously preserved treasure trove of times past. In fact, we find that travelling through this region’s countryside is best done off the beaten track. There is so much more to discover by leaving the map behind and getting lost!


We feel truly privileged to be able to live here and even though it can be strenuous running a farmhouse, every day is an inspiration and joy in Le Marche!

Laughter in the leaves is a fantastic and inspirational experience, in one of the most beautiful settings in Italy. It is everything one needs in life, the perfect balance between host interaction, relaxation, education, nature and fun. 

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